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Today every business wants to be online because of cutthroat competitive business environment among the companies of the same niche. That’s why the importance and the need of web developers are continually increasing in the market. The online presence of a company is equally important as its physical presence in today’s social environment. They need to launch a website for their newly established business or they need to improve their web applications to meet the growing needs of their customers online. In all above discussed situations, the web developer is the only people who are provide suitable solution to the businesses. So, choose your career as web developer by enrolling in professional web development training.


Introduction to PHP
  • What is PHP?
  • PHP Requirements
  • How to Create A PHP File
PHP Basics
  • PHP Variables
  • The Echo Statement
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Operators
PHP Conditions & Loops
  • If
  • Else
  • Elseif
  • Switch
  • While
  • Do-While
  • For
  • Breaking Out of Loops
PHP Arrays
  • Creating An Array
  • Array Functions
  • Array Loops (Foreach)
PHP Functions
  • PHP Math Functions
  • PHP String Functions
  • PHP Variable Functions
  • PHP Date & Time Functions
  • PHP Includes & Requires
  • PHP Mail Function
  • PHP Regular Expressions
  • User-Defined PHP Functions
PHP Form Handling & Browser Interaction
  • Predefined Variables & Superglobals
  • Getting Form Field Data
  • Posting Form Field Data
  • Getting & Posting Checkbox & Radio Button Results
  • PHP File Uploads
  • PHP Url Functions
PHP Database Functions (MYSQL)
  • Introduction to PHP’s Built-In MYSQL Functions
  • MYSQL Connect & Close
  • Creating A Database Table
  • Running MYSQL Queries In PHP
  • Introduction to jquery and Ajax
  • Jquery library file
  • Login Page Using jquery
  • Effective example with jquery
  • Ajax with server
  • Ajax with mysql example
  • Effective example Ajax with mysql
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento

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